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Thank you for your interest in connecting! Please feel free to use any of the following options for contacting me:
  • email,
  • AIA's Feedback form, or
  • my Live Chat / Messaging Service: Simply click on the icon below. If I am online, you will be able to connect and chat with me in real time. If I am not online, you will be able to send me an email message.
    Your comments, reflections and inquiries are always welcome. However, before you initiate contact, please read my note on personal correspondence and my note to web site visitors for updated information about my current availability, and then review my email and spam update, below. If you do not receive a prompt reply to your inquiry, please know that I do read -- and genuinely appreciate -- every letter I receive. If you have found AIA's resources to be of value, I invite you to become a Friend of AIA. Your support will be invaluable, and your generosity will allow me to continue sharing this work and service with others in years to come. With grateful appreciation, Metta
    Email and Spam Update
  • AIA has a strict anti-spam policy. We never send email messages to anyone who has not opted into at least one of our mailing lists, and we never send any information through our mailing lists that is not in keeping with the original subscription request.
  • If you ever receive any unsolicited email that appears to be from AIA, please rest assured: We respect your privacy. Your name and email address will never be sold, shared, distributed or used for any purpose other than your original mailing list request. Because spammers routinely highjack the domain and use it as a bogus point of orgin for their spam campaigns, any questionable email messages you receive that appear to be from are not.
  • Also, due to the high volume of spam I currently receive, I now filter all incoming email, and I do not open any messages with blank subject lines. Please put the words "AIA Inquiry" in your email subject line to ensure that I will receive your message.
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