Essence as Light

In This Moment...

	"Your restless seeking will not end until you begin
	seriously considering the radical possibility that
	THAT which you are seeking is inseparable from
	THIS -- the reality of your own immediate and
	intimate experience within the present moment."

	"Every experience in life is an invitation -- an
	invitation to awaken into an Awareness of the
	essential nature of Reality -- and who you really are."

In This Moment is...
  • a contemplative guide to exploring the essential nature of Reality,
  • an opportunity to end the restless search for Self-Realization, and
  • a daily invitation to accept the radical possibility of Awakening in this moment.
  • Based on an extraordinary experience of spontaneous realization, this electronic mailing list provides brief reflections from Metta Zetty designed to enhance our appreciation of the innate fullness and completeness of the present moment by:
  • dismantling the cycle of restless seeking and
  • shifting the focus of attention toward a direct and immediate recognition of That which is Essential and Real.
    Sample Reflections Samples of Metta's daily reflections are available in:
  • AIA's "In This Moment" Archives,
  • Metta's Reflections (includes topical index), and
  • the archives of AIA's other electronic publications.
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