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Metta Zetty brings heart, clarity, and simplicity to a subject
too long thought to be the exclusive domain of saints, monks
and holy men. The awareness of who we are is the birthright
of everyone on this planet. This Awareness is what we are
and have always been, but we have simply forgotten this fact. 

By remaining down to earth and approachable, Metta brings 
this recognition out of the monasteries and ashrams and into
our daily lives where it is so desperately needed.  She does
not put herself on a pedestal, but instead takes our hands,
and like a true friend, leads us home.	
				J. K.

[In your mentoring exchanges you are...] communicating from the Openness, with warmth and caring. You are doing great work, reaching people and sharing with them the experience of edgeless being. Richard Lang The Headless Way
If you like the Nonduality Salon website, you will love Metta's work. As I see it, other than web sites and email communities, there are three main publications in the English language dedicated to nonduality: Inner Directions, Noumenon, and the Awakening Into Awareness ezine. I like AIA's Ezine because it acknowledges our existence here, it is all-embracing and it is distributed freely. Jerry Katz Nonduality Salon
Your enthusiasm is contagious and operates as a teaching vehicle in its own right. It literally transmits expansive spiritual energy. I felt it immediately upon reading your message -- and that is not a common experience for me. On the Internet it has happened only once before....This ability is a highly useful teaching and transforming tool that only some teachers seem to have. Dennis Trunk 3rd Millennium Gateway
I am feeling resonance with what you say, and that is why I wanted to include your quotes and your web site in my book. I am grateful for your ideas, and I am sure you are a great source of inspiration to many. Jan Kersschot Coming Home
This is such a simple statement that has touched me so profoundly! It opened a door that I feel like I've been pounding on to open! I awoke this morning with this thought; it was glorious. I have the problem of usually making things harder than they need to be, and self-doubt has been a struggle. I just discovered the main root of that from this quote. I do make an effort to do what's right, and I'm good at making those decisions. Now I know that. My problem has been in judging the outcome of my actions, and wondering why things didn't turn out better -- or how I thought they should! What a relief, and how simple: I can trust myself to do what is right, for myself and those around me. I have been judging my choices and decisions by outcome, not on the merit of action. L. B.
It's been a joy reading your reflections on the web.... It's really, really wonderful....I can't tell you the sudden feeling of relief that I felt yesterday....I have been quite obsessed recently with the thought: "If I am all there is, why am 'I' still not seeing it, feeling it?" By reading your words, I gently realized that, yes, I am expecting 'That' to look in a particular way, and myself feel in a different way NOW....and I saw again that I completely overlook the fact that 'That' -- whatever the configuration of IT at this particular moment -- is IT... I see my mind has been instinctively running forward to get something else, believing it is not good enough, not exciting enough -- and wanting something else! Being with you has really been a real gift and treat. I haven't consciously asked to find someone new. My room is filled up with good books on the subject, yet I felt stuck, and from that 'stuckness' I've been feeling very short tempered, frustrated, not knowing which book to pick to find relief....And then you appeared... melting the 'darkness', putting everything back on solid ground with so much simplicity and so much love. Thank you so very much, Metta. A.H.
Thank you for the beautiful morning messages. What a wonderful gift! B. L.
I have so many wonderful moments printed and taped all over the place. They are such great reminders! #402 has really helped in the decision process! I have it taped on the side of my monitor. #457 truly helps in the pain-without-suffering department.... Metta, you are such a blessing in my life. Your love, compassion and gratitude come through your messages so strongly, and you are making my journey so much easier. I cannot thank you enough! J. L.
This reflection was fantastic: "My desire for change is simply one more aspect of the present circumstance." That confirmed my own realisation. Thank you for the great work you are doing. Keep it up. C. K.
I enjoyed the letter with your communication with Ku Ye. My impression of the gist of the conversation was that "Our perception of life through the ego is like our perception of the world through the hotel room peephole. What we see is only a minute fraction of the whole." C.S.
I want to tell you that your letter with the renaming of "Aloneness" into "Wholeness" has done its job slowly and unexpectedly. I feel much better, and thank you very much. C. M.
This exploration is void therapy from beyond the contracted self. I just re-read our last chat....Extraordinary Metta, your competence and energy are amazing. Thank you again for helping me to re-enter that spaciousness and ordinariness that I had almost given up on. R.P.
Metta has a talent for cutting through the concepts around Awakening...directly to the experience itself. She is skillful in gently pointing the way for me...back to the place I have never really left. W. P.
Your site and services are a wonderful combination of spirit and modern communications. Michael Dawson Australian Centre for Inner Peace
I have never in my life read or received anything like your response to me tonight. You are an amazing teacher! Your capacity to see how the trajectory of a particular thought will manifest is extraordinary. Your clarity about the truer abiding is exquisite and the extreme gentle care you offer, as way of refocusing is the closest thing to "spiritual mothering" I've ever felt. C. D.
Reading your account of your epiphany at the Rodeway Inn struck a deep personal chord....I spent the day at 10,000 feet on a pass in the Sierras. Before I left, I printed out your "Epiphany at the Rodeway Inn" and took it with me to read with lunch. It was perfect company, and matched an experience I also have had. Actually reading about it in your words brought it back just as strong as it was 7 years ago. It was a few hours after I had read your story and I had actually started back home, when suddenly I could take a deeper breath. Everything lit up. The sun on the pine needles, the sparkle of the stream I was driving along, each tree stood out and glowed with visible energy. The feeling of joy was deep and quiet and indisturbable. This lasted for many hours, until I went to bed, about midnight.... Thank you for sharing your story of the epiphany, and for your interest in helping others Awaken into Awareness. P.S.
Even though we only met once [over 4 years ago], you are still so vivid in my mind....Your spirit flows. P. A.
The delightful thing about the Insight Mentoring process is that I get to ask all the questions Iíve reflected on, pondered over and wondered about in my own unsatisfactory solitary pursuit. In working with Metta, Iím assured of a thoughtful, nonjudgmental reply, based upon her own understanding and personal awareness. Metta is incredibly generous and patient with my struggle to explore and comprehend the vastness and simplicity of the "awakening" process. Her thoughtful, straight-forward responses are communicated clearly from the heart and lift me to higher levels of understanding each time we meet. Our attention in these sessions is so focused within the present moment that we exist for a time almost as two people dancing heart to heart. Our discussions center on what it means to be "enlightened" or "aware," and how to make sense of the struggle we see and experience in the physical world. These discussions stay with me as I move into my week, centering me and transforming my personal interactions. Iím finding great joy in experiencing life and relationships on a deeper, more meaningful level as a result of sharing the Insight Mentoring process with Metta. J. H.
The Insight Mentoring process is very powerful for me and difficult to really explain. In this process I find a sense of peace, a sense of wholeness, and contentment. The dialogues help me to focus on the moment, and to maintain complete awareness of the Now. Our topics of discussion are based on what each individual brings, and they range from personal issues to spiritual discussions and concerns. Metta is a truly rare individual who offers warmth and an ability to stay with the individual and connect at a deeper level. From the Insight Mentoring process I have gained a deeper awareness of myself, and through our dialogues I am able to gain a clearer perspective on my life. It really is so simple! Somehow we keep making things so difficult in our lives. I see Metta as a wonderful guide who is showing me how simple things can be if we just focus on where are -- in this moment. The group is so wonderful because you can share this marvelous experience with others, while gaining and giving insight from and to other people. The energy in the room is electric and positive. It is about being who you are, and being happy. J. R.
Your "electronic satsang" assists all of us in recognizing the background of Awareness and Clear Seeing. W. P.
Dear Metta, Thank you for sharing your experience with the whole world through internet. You're a real jewel!!! I was overjoyed when I read your answer to my questions on the "dark night of the soul" and the process of "awakening," and I'm glad you responded so fast. I would like to receive your Insight Mentoring Letters. Please tell me how this can be done. With deep appreciation, S. Z.
Thanks for your warm welcome! And, thank you for your Awakening site and
ezine. Reading your words is like having fresh air filter into the soul! L. E.
When you talk of everything being completely perfect right now in the present moment, I am flooded with peace and light. I know the truth of that in my deepest being, but keep forgetting it. Your words took me there in the immediacy of the experience. Also your very ordinary non-spiritual language is so helpful! G.W.
Your comments are a feast! Very beneficial. G. S.
Your words evoke a primal memory that helps me know what is really important in life. C. M.
Your generous sharing of wisdom is admirable. J.
Metta is a dear friend, whose passion is awakening. Her offerings are rich and deep insights. I believe that by passing the word about her work to those who might appreciate it, we may really expand Metta's network of influence and connectedness, which is my wish for her. She is an incredible gift to the world. B. B.
The meaning of "metta" is "loving kindness" You are that. E. T.

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